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Filthy Rich Writer Review

How I left my 10-year career for a life I am in control of, without compromising on cash, in only 6 weeks. 

Discover how you can too, in this Filthy Rich Writer Review.

Filthy Rich Writer Review

How I left my 10-year career for a life I am in control of, without compromising on cash, in only 6 weeks. 

Discover how you can too, in this Filthy Rich Writer Review.


I never thought I could be a writer full time. 

After all, that “aspiring writer” stereotype is just another
way of saying broke and unemployed, right?


Working as a full-time freelance copywriter is… Amazing!

I get to do my own schedule, work with whom I want and 
I never have a lack of motivation as it’s all for me and not
some boss (although, my new boss can also be a
hard-ass sometimes!).

Filthy Rich Writer Review - Working From Home
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So, what made me want to learn copywriting?

The coronavirus lockdown made me lose my side hustle, so I needed a new one. 

I’ve always been the guy that does the writing for friends when they “need it done properly”, so I made the decision to see if I could do more of this from the comfort of my home. 

After an extensive amount of research into developing these skills, I started to come to a realisation… 

I could do this full time!

Surely this has a learning curve; would it take me years to learn copywriting? 

I visualised it again: being able to work when and where I want, no more working with bad clients, no more worrying about bills, being able to leave for a spontaneous trip to Spain on a moment’s notice. 

There must be a way of making this faster… 

I can pay for a coach and learn quicker! After all, if I earn more money faster, it will pay for itself! 

Research led to many “coaches” claiming how their course was the best thing since sliced bread.

CCA review
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Then I found the Filthy Rich Writer’s
Comprehensive Copywriting Academy

The name itself is an attraction: “Filthy Rich Writer”. Ok, I’ll bite, tell me why it’s called that… 

I wasn’t disappointed, in only the first 5 minutes of their free 1:21:46 webinar: 

“We should only take advice from people who are successful in what we want to do” 

“Have you ever heard that you need to choose a niche right away or that Upwork is the
key to success? Both REALLY bad pieces of advice” 

Right on! And the other 76 minutes have even more free gold. Discover it for yourself here.

So, apart from a free and insightful webinar,
what does Filthy Rich Writer's Comprehensive Copywriting Academy have to offer?

The CCA Foundation Course

Mindset coaching, copywriting fundamentals, creative processes, interactive media, print media, how to build a copywriting business.

Deep dive and bonus courses, including:

Facebook advertising, online portfolio optimisation, how to find and pitch clients, and tips for making your LinkedIn profile.

Live coaching calls, once a month

Get the answers to your (and other students’) questions. All recorded so that you never miss a session, with lifetime access.

And, what I found to be their most unique and beneficial feature:

Access to the student-only Facebook group

Learn copywriting faster by critiquing other students’ work, and receiving feedback on yours.

Be motivated by seeing others’ wins, and take pride in sharing your own.

Get qualified opinions on your website, client work, and any other query that you have when learning copywriting.

Plus, Filthy Rich Writer gives a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Not only did I feel safe in my investment, but also convinced that they have a reason for that confidence.

So, I signed up, but what made me decide to go full time immediately?

I decided to leave my job a few days after signing up. I was confident in the course, so why not go for gold? 

As Tony Robbins says “It’s amazing what happens when what you SHOULD do, becomes a MUST”.

6 weeks after I'd joined:

Course finished, Website built, Pitching every day & Paid work coming in. 

All outside of my employed hours. The additional time was like a rocket launching. You can do the same. 

At 1 month into freelancing full time (at the time of writing), I am SO confident in my decision. 

I might not be a filthy rich writer, yet, but I did leave a decade long career to pursue something I wanted to do and am really happy I did. 

We are always on a personal journey of growth. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme but a step-by-step blueprint for a successful writing career. 

After all, where do you see yourself in 5 years?
On the way, or in the same place?

Me celebrating my 2 years in business at Lake Wörthersee, Austria, where I worked lakeside for a whole month!

Why the CCA is for you:
Filthy Rich Writer review at a glance

Copywriting pays VERY well. 

There is NEVER a shortage of work. EVERY business needs GOOD writers. 

This course PAYS FOR ITSELF (figuratively). The time saved learning from a coach means less hours (and opportunities) wasted on trial and error. 

You absolutely can work full-time, from home, in no time at all. I was 6 weeks after joining, only because my notice was that long! 

No previous writing experience is needed to succeed. Your work history is enough to make you valuable, find out how on the course. 

The best support community you can have. Student-only Facebook group for sharing and critiquing each other. Invaluable – Would be worth it for only this! 

Learn in your own time, 15 minutes a day is enough for a good side hustle in time!

What can you get today,
without committing?

Learn copywriting skills and
get valuable business tips in the free webinar. 

Find out how to get into copywriting with zero experience. 

Get the insights from a real Filthy Rich Writer in this interview

Or this teacher’s account on how to replace your income in 6 weeks

Even if you never sign up for the course, the free webinar is
worth your time. 

Take the first step towards your freedom; watch the free training video!

Inspired By My Filthy Rich Writer Review?

The free video will leave you educated and raring to go!

Are you ready to become a Filthy Rich Writer?

(No guarantee of income – All subject to application and perseverance)
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