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Why Your Business Should Have Google Analytics – Even If You Don’t Use It

    If you aren’t using Google Analytics, or another type of analytical software, on your website, you should be! After all, tracking and examining your performance is what will allow you to take the guesswork out of making adjustments, so that you can work towards getting the results you want, faster. In this post, I’ll show you what I consider to be the top 4 functions of Google Analytics Google Analytics shows user information When you are looking at the copywriting for your new,… Read More »Why Your Business Should Have Google Analytics – Even If You Don’t Use It

    Small Business Marketing Professionals

    Why Your Small Business Needs Marketing Professionals

      WHY YOUR SMALL BUSINESS NEEDS MARKETING PROFESSIONALS Ensure you get the best marketing results by hiring a copywriter, graphic designer, digital marketer or SEO consultant to optimize your marketing strategy. As a small business, marketing should be a key focus area for building your company. “I don’t have time!” I get it, it feels impossible to focus on marketing the day-to-day juggling of a small business owner. I mean you got employees, customers and cash flow all just eating away… Read More »Why Your Small Business Needs Marketing Professionals

      Hiring a copywriter FAQs

      Hiring A Copywriter Faqs

        HIRING A COPYWRITER – FAQS THE FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS FROM BUSINESS OWNERS BEFORE HIRING A COPYWRITER If you’ve got a load of questions about hiring a copywriter, you’re not alone. I’ve met so many wonderful business owners and know that fear of letting go of the reins and facing potential disappointment. We need certain questions answering before we will even consider working with someone. (I’m a business owner, too, so I get it!) ​ Sometimes, it seems silly to ask… Read More »Hiring A Copywriter Faqs