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If improving your SEO isn’t an essential part of your digital marketing strategy, you’re ok with accepting 2nd page (AKA not being found)! As an SEO consultant, I work with you to boost your rankings on Google for the right keywords and search intent so that your customers can find you easier.

​ Get some quick SEO wins by eliminating the simple things that are harming your SEO. Before looking at SEO backlinks and hitting you with jargon, like a typical “SEO consultant” offering SEO backlinks for a ridiculous sum, I’ll work with you to ensure you aren’t harming your SEO with the little things. ​

Boost your rankings on Google with an SEO consultant today

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Google SEO Search Console Boost your rankings

SEO Keyword Research

Get found on Google for the right keywords. You don’t want meaningless traffic but to be found by people who are actively looking for your product or service. Boosting your ranking on Google is only effective if it leads to sales so get an SEO consultant to work with you on efficiently improving your SEO.

Continually improve SEO by making data-driven decisions with Google Search Console. By tracking your Google click-through rate for individual search queries, your SEO keyword strategy can be adapted to boost your rankings on Google using real data.

Get your SEO keyword strategy with SEO consultant services now

SEO Header Tags, Meta Tags and URLs

Make your SEO data readable to our Google robot overlords by structuring your URLs and page data. Most website platforms allow for SEO headers to highlight data and boost rankings on Google without visually affecting your site. ​ Optimise your page’s SEO Meta Tag and Meta Description by utilising your SEO keywords here. Although you are limited with the character count, utilising your meta tag and meta description is essential to improving SEO on Google. ​

As your SEO header tags, meta tags and meta descriptions also need to advertise your site and sell your product or service, using an SEO copywriter is one of the best ways to use the small space you are given to its maximum effect. ​

Get a better SEO structure with SEO consultant services.

Google Robot Reading
SEO link to boost your rankings
Multiple SEO links will boost your ranking

SEO Backlink Strategy, Internal and External Linking

Building your webpage’s authority is a fine line with SEO. Whilst building reputable SEO backlinks is the icing on the cake of a great SEO strategy, many SEO backlink providers can harm your SEO as they load up on links from non-reputable sources.

I do not provide SEO backlink services but I can assist you with a good strategy for getting SEO backlinks as part of my SEO consultant services. Please be wary of some SEO backlink providers who are only looking to confuse you to sell their services.

​ Improving SEO on-site by building SEO internal and external links is an effective and safer method for improving SEO on a young site. Properly linking your site develops your website UX and can also build your destination webpage's SEO for those keywords. ​

As part of my SEO consultant services, I take a holistic view of your site to see where SEO links can be added for quick wins on improving SEO without risky backlinks that can harm your SEO.

Get found on Google with SEO consultant services.

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Digital Marketing

Social Media Management

Convince your reader to take the action you want, whether it’s making a purchase, clicking an ad, or even just liking your social media page.

Position yourself where your buyers are likely to be, and attract them with the type of marketing.
PPC, banner ads, sales funnels, and more, tailored to you.

Never worry about finding inspiration for your content, or making sure it is released on time, again. Done for you social media management services.