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Having a complete digital marketing strategy is no longer just an option for online businesses. Without utilising free and paid social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing or developing your SEO, your digital marketing strategy is relying on chance to get your online business seen.

Using a digital marketing agency can be expensive, especially for a young business. Thankfully, I have a solution for you. As a freelance copywriter and digital marketer, I’m able to give you an affordable digital marketing service without having the overheads to pass on like a normal digital marketing agency.

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Do more with your logistics digital marketing
Strategising with a logistics copywriter

Digital Marketing Strategy

Save money and increase your Return On Ad Spend by making data-driven decisions with free analytical tools. I’ll work with you to continually refine your digital marketing strategy and ensure that your ads are shown to the people most likely to buy from you.

Test your advertising with social media before spending money on paid ads so that you can have better returns right off the bat. Utilising free digital marketing software, like Google Analytics, is essential to consistently improving your digital marketing strategy.

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PPC, SEM & Social Media Digital Marketing Services

Google Ads

Get cost-effective digital marketing and be in control with Pay Per Click (PPC) Google Ads. You only pay when your ad is clicked, so you increase your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) and collect better data on your customers from the get-go. ​

Continually improve your Google Ads over time by tracking and testing what works with your Google Ads. Keywords are important but also do not affect your chances of getting found on Google organically so they can be ad specific.

Be in control by starting your Google Ad campaign today.

Increased traffic on analytics from Google Ads

Facebook Ads / Instagram Ads

Reach your audience effectively with any budget using Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads can be optimised to meet any of your digital marketing goals. Track visitor behaviour using a Facebook Pixel and retarget those who've already expressed interest in buying. ​ ​

Advertise on Instagram with precision using the Facebook Business Manager. Using Instagram to advertise your business can use the same data as your Facebook pixel. Using the same #s as your free Instagram marketing will grow your natural reach too. ​

Stand out with your Facebook or Instagram Ad campaign.

LinkedIn Ads

Get cheaper social media advertising with LinkedIn ads. With less competition than Facebook Ads and the same targeting available with the LinkedIn Insight Tag, advertising on LinkedIn is a growing trend for cost-effective, targeted advertising that is an asset to any digital marketing strategy.

​ Never struggle with gatekeepers again with B2B digital marketing and LinkedIn Ads. Advertising on Linkedin allows you to include job titles, industries and education so that your LinkedIn Ads will only be seen by decision-makers.

​ Find your ideal customers with LinkedIn Ads.

Advertising on LinkedIn with Linkedin Ads